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Nestled in the Southwest corner of Wisconsin is the city of Shullsburg, the state's third oldest city after Green Bay and Prairie du Chien.  Founded in 1827 by a fur trader by the name of Jesse Shull who came to find mining more lucrative than buying furs, the town came to life once he married and established his first home, creating a destination for migrating minors in search of a good living mining the precious lead and zinc ore the area hid beneath its ground.

Commercial buildings were soon built during the 1840s and 1850s and the town prospered and grew, nurturing 150 years of mining operations and a health population of over 11,000 people during its peak.

Interesting enough too, was that the first miners were called "Badgers" because many of them lived in the holes they dug in the ground .  As a result, Wisconsin is known as "The Badger State," with the state naming the Badger as their official state animal in 1957.  A fitting tribute to the state's contribution to the mining industry it was built on.

Today, Shullsburg is still unique, boasting many well restored and gainfully occupied buildings, reflecting the town's pride in its rich history that still lies deep in their soil.  Forty-four buildings in Shullsburg are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It's little wonder that when you walk the streets of Shullsburg you may very well feel like you walked into futures long past.

Home to over 1,200 residents,  Shullsburg is located in Lafayette County.  For more information, visit Shullsburg online at www.shullsburgwisconsin.org.